Röders Automated CNC

About our Röders Automated CNC Production Cell

Our CNC production cell consists of two different sized Röders CNC machines, RXP500 and RXP801 and fully automated robotic system. These high-speed, high-precision machines can operate on multiple different projects without human intervention, with the robot removing and replacing the items to be machined.tooling dudley associates machining

These machines offer exceptional accuracy, speed, repeatability and performance, and, using their own control centres, are able to process information much more quickly and accurately giving a superior and tighter finish.

Their high-speed attributes mean both machines can sustain tolerances of 0.005mm, are capable of generating optical finishes, can work on steel up to 70 Rockwell.

All of this considered, it makes complete sense why we are the first choice plastic injection moulding toolmakers.

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