In an industry that can be quite saturated, our facilities, capabilities, and the quality of our products is paramount.

We are already ahead of the game due to our facilities, offering both tooling and moulding on-site, gives our customers the knowledge that we are able to fulfill their requirements from design through to manufacture, without out-sourcing, whilst keeping costs lower and lead-times quicker.

So adding into the mix our exceptionally high standards when it comes to quality, really puts us at the forefront of the market, and the first choice for our customers.

Quality Audits taking place by Quality Manager Sanjay

Our Quality Manager Sanjay undertaking Quality checks on a product

Our Approach

When it comes to quality, we don’t just focus on the end product, we take care and pride every step of the way.

Which is why we conduct regular checks and audits, from the design stage to prototype, tooling, first samples, and finally, manufacture.

We have a fully equipped quality department, with a Quantum 3-axis coordinate measuring machine that can generate dimensional reports and a full range of measuring devices. We are able to deal with all types of requirements, including PPAP and ISIR.

Machinery in our Quality Department Quality checks

Our Expertise

Quality isn’t just about machinery. Responsibility and expertise are equally as important. As such, each member of our expert team is responsible for ensuring and delivering quality. Our operatives are actively involved in ensuring compliance with the documents and attributes for every different component that goes through our factory – including photographs, check charts, and process monitoring records.

Dudley Associates is lucky to have a team of experts in their field, which enables them to take autonomy over their own department, processes, and quality. We are constantly reviewing our processes to seek out new innovations and efficiencies.

We believe that if we are constantly seeking out improvements, we will always be at the top of our game and can ensure that we always provide our clients with the best possible service and highest quality components.

Our specialist in-house quality team is always on hand to oversee our quality checks and audits and their mission is to ensure all our operations comply totally with our ISO9001 accreditation and we don’t make batches of non-conforming components.

No matter your requirements or aspirations, our quality team is ready and waiting to help.

Our quality manager Sanjay

Dudely Associates Quality Manager, Sanjay Mistry.

Written By Lucy Glover, Sales and Marketing Manager 

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