Quality Control


Dudley Associates are approved to BS EN ISO 9001:2015. Our quality processes and procedures have been approved against the rigorous standards laid down by our customers and the Industry. We employ as a norm statistical process control in our operations and use SPC software to increase our ability to monitor dimensional conformity.

Additionally we have Quantum 3-axis coordinate measuring machines which are also able to print out dimensional reports as required. We believe in taking quality back to the machine, following a philosophy of defect prevention rather than defect detection.

Our quality department uses CNC optical non-contact measuring equipment, digital colour measurement devices and a raw material moisture content analyzer. The former is used for measuring tiny features, including depths, by the use of light reflection. The material moisture content analyzer enables us to check the moisture content of material
prior to use to ensure it is in optimum condition.

Everybody at Dudley is responsible for quality and all of our operators are involved in our quality processes through their formal monitoring of component attributes. We have a quality information pack for each component produced at Dudley, consisting of digital images of the component, plus attribute check charts and other production and
process monitoring records.

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