With Dudley Associates Ltd being a UK manufacturer we love to see positive news on other UK manufacturers. So, we thought we’d put a post together to highlight some of the most recent achievements we’ve come across from other UK manufacturers!

Made In Britain

London Electric Vehicle Company (LEVC)

Congratulations to London Electric Vehicle Company (LEVC) for hitting a major milestone, producing their 10,000th vehicle at their high-tech factory in Coventry!

To find out more and read the full article visit the link: LEVC hits 10,000 vehicle production milestone | Zenoot

LEVC UK Manufacturing

We’re proud to play our part in the Automotive sector too. Team Dudley Associates are dedicated to crafting top-quality, lightweight and efficient components within tight deadlines. ????

As experts in the field, you can rely on Dudley Associates to produce components that are both robust and flexible, something which benefits the automotive industry greatly.

We can also use a vast range of colours and finishes, meaning we are able to meet your requirements – whatever they might be. We’ll also support you at every stage of the manufacturing process

Plastic Injection Moulding And Tooling Headlight

Some of the Components We’ve Made:

  • Gearbox Position Sensors
  • Under Bonnet Fixings
  • Overmoulded Lorry Handles & Door Handles                                                                        Engine Oil Cap
  • Seating Components
  • Radiators, Radiator Cowls & Mounting Brackets
  • Fuel Supply Components
  • Sensor Terminal Housing
  • Regenerative Braking System Enclosure
  • Motorcycle Mudguards
  • Inlet Manifolds
  • Air Suspension Units
  • Lighting Units


WAE Technologies

Exciting news from WAE Technologies (formerly Williams Advanced Engineering) Their battery expertise is helping to make giant trucks and trains more eco-friendly.

Exciting news from WAE

To find out more visit the link: FEATURE: Giant trucks and trains going green thanks to battery expertise at WAE (imeche.org)

We continuously work with those in the defence & Aerospace sectors, so know first-hand just how carbon heavy the industry can be. Great to see this new environmentally focused development!

Given the nature of the industries, many defence and aerospace clients will require the development of prototypes to identify potential issues – something that our expert rapid prototyping service can handle with ease.

Once everything has been ironed out, we’ll complete to your exact specifications and offer support throughout the process.

Some of the Components We’ve Made

  • Body Worn Video Systems
  • Explosives Containers
  • Fan Duct Edgings
  • Cooling System For Bomb Disposal Suits
  • Body Armour, Helmet & Visor Components
  • Headsets & Optics Components
  • Airline Seating components
  • Aerospace Maintenance Tools
  • Aerospace Electrical Connectors


JCB have secured their largest ever UK order, with an £87.5m deal! ????

JCB Morris Leslie order

To find out more visit this link: JCB secures largest ever UK order with £87.5m deal | Zenoot

Clip Tool

It’s obvious that the UK’s construction sector is in high demand – but did you know we’ve been busy behind the scenes supplying those within the sector?

We’ll work closely with you right from the beginning to gain a thorough understanding of your needs, so we can fulfil your requirements with ease. We’ll also advise you on the most suitable materials for your project and help you decide on the best tooling options. No matter what stage you are in proceedings, we can assist.

Components We’ve Made:

  • Pipes & Guttering
  • Concrete Clips
  • Roofing & Flooring Materials
  • Positive Pressure Face Masks & Helmets
  • Pantile Vents
  • Fencing Clip Tool
  • Showers
  • Structural Connectors

We also make many components for the Health & Safety Industry!

Lancaster University

We’re excited to hear that Lancaster University have developed a technique to observe the 3D internal structure of rechargeable batteries for the first time!

This breakthrough will undoubtedly lead to significant advancements in battery technology, crucial for the Automotive and Electronics sectors. ????

Link to this article: The Engineer – 3D internal structure of rechargeable batteries revealed

Dudley Associates supply precision plastic parts to both of these sectors and look forward to what the future holds!

Moulding Machine

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