A little bit more about our Injection Moulding services:

Dudley Associates manufacture a very wide range of both development and production mouldings for the medical, defence, aerospace, electronics, automotive, bio-tech and private sectors, and we fully understand the discreet requirements associated with each Industry.

We work on a daily basis with a very broad range of high specification engineering and developmental plastics from simple ‘commercial’ polymers to the very latest nano-tube and metal replacement ranges.

To date, we have made tooling for over 900 new products and have produced mouldings in over 600 different grades of technical thermoplastics. The range of polymers we use reflects the profile, range and complexity of the projects that we are asked to undertake.

Typical parts supplied by us include inter-cavity medical devices, over-moulded components, casings, gears, seatbelt mechanisms, steering column components, RF shielded components, computer electronics, connectors, engine cowlings, satellite components, interior and exterior trim, under bonnet components, safety mechanisms, point of sale and entire bespoke product ranges.

We benefit from prioritised response from the material manufacturers and access to unique technologies and materials. In addition we have an excellent technical reputation and have provided both tooling and mouldings for the authoritative research body in our industry – RAPRA.

Our moulding and tooling facilities are side by side for optimal work flow and control.

The mould shop currently comprises the latest digitally controlled machines from 35 ton to 300 ton. For larger components we have a range of Approved UK Suppliers to choose from, with press sizes up to 1,500 ton.

We can readily operate 24hr working for larger production runs and Expedited Services.

As well as technical moulding we offer the following ancillary services –

  • component design
  • colour matching
  • antimicrobial and specialist additives
  • use of recycled and bio-degradable materials
  • metalizing & plating
  • flocking
  • printing & spraying
  • RF shielding
  • logo and artwork
  • sonic welding
  • heat bending
  • inserting
  • PCBs, LEDs and other incorporated electronics
  • in mould decoration
  • texture
  • assembly & packaging

Should you have your own tooling or require low or high volume production we will be happy to help.

If you need a responsive, flexible and technically advanced supplier of plastic injection mouldings, we can provide the speed of service and quality you require.

A little bit more about our Toolmaking Services:

Dudley Associates Limited was created to be a centre of excellence for the design and manufacture of plastic injection mouldings on very short lead times.

We are regularly involved with cutting edge development projects, the majority of which are confidential, and which require high specification innovative tool making on very short lead times.

Clients also ask us to refurbish, modify or run any existing tooling that they may have.

We manufacture high grade aluminium tooling (for which we are specialists) and the more common steel production tooling, or a mixture of the two depending on the number of components required and the polymer type.

Mould tools can be manufactured for single or multi-cavity production, and to operate fully automated, semi automated, or to incorporate inserts which are hand loaded by an Operator – all engineered and designed according to your requirements and the complexity of the part.

We have manufactured tooling for surgical equipment, optical lenses, engine cowlings, air sensors, RF components, overmoulded electronics, fuel connectors, aircraft seating, casings, trim and marine components, to name but a small selection – from one-off manual tooling to fully automatic mass production.

Aluminium Mould Tooling?

Typically we are asked to design and manufacture aluminium tooling for representative prototypes, ‘new’ pre-production parts, or low/ medium volume products.

There is a common misconception that aluminium tooling is limited to very low volumes (c 5,000 shots), however we are specialists in this field and, whilst the tools remain under our care and handling, we have historically been able to produce 100,000+ parts from aluminium tools in engineering polymers.

Many Clients who have ordered our aluminium tools for prototype development use have then been able to use the same tool for production supply.

Our aluminium tooling is used with a very wide range of high end technical and engineering polymers including Ultem, Nickel fill, Steel fill, Nanotube fill, PTFE fill, Electro-conductive, 50% glass filled PBT and Nylons, as well as the more common commercial plastics.

The alloys we use are high-grade and sourced from some of the biggest UK stockholders. We are provided with Certificates of Conformity in order to underwrite a quality tool, built to last.

Steel Mould Tooling?

Typically we are asked to design and manufacture steel tooling for Medium/ high volume production (1,000,000+).

We offer the full range of high-end traditional tool making with the benefit of using the same quality, speed of manufacture and operational systems developed by us for First Tier rapid development tooling manufacture.

If you have a new tooling project or existing product where:

  • Delivery is critical
  • Exemplary technical input, flexibility, and quality are required
  • In house UK design, manufacture, sampling, inspection and production is important
  • Confidentiality is required
  • You need an approved, experienced, and established Supplier

…then we are the tool making and moulding partner for you.

Please do not hesitate to contact us, if this is something you require or would like more information on.

Email: Sales@dudleyassociates.com

Tel: 01455 558825