Although Callum is one of our youngest team members, he has been with Dudley Associates for 5 years now. 

Having gone from school to House removals, Callum wanted to find a career doing something that he was really interested in and could see a route of progression in. Which led him to us. 

Callum came to us as a trainee with no prior qualifications in Injection Moulding, but quickly gained his Injection Moulding Technology Level 2 (IMT 2) and Safe Mould Changing Procedures, and continues to add to his qualifications now. 

Within a couple of years, Callum was fully trained and was qualified for Machine Operating and Tool Slinging.

We discussed an average day for Callum at Dudley’s. 

“In the morning, the first thing I am responsible for is opening up the factory. I then do a walk around and prepare for the day, ensuring all machines and materials are in order, ready for the start of the morning shift.

I also will operate each machine for a while, ensuring everything is in order with the product and making sure all requirements are met for that job. Once this is done, the jobs can then run after Q-C have checked and are happy with the product and cycle time that the machine is running at.”

And this isn’t all. Callum followed up with “I also am responsible for checking the quality of the product throughout the process and the day. As well as preparing the tools for when they are ready to go into the machine, all whilst keeping a safe and clean working environment”.

So, with Callum having constant busy days, we wondered what it was about the job that he really enjoyed.

Callum told that “I enjoy coming in to work at Dudley’s because it is always a clean, productive and friendly environment to work in. Despite the age difference between me and some of the others, we really get on and enjoy the work and the day. 

I mostly just enjoy the sense of accomplishment when I have set up a job and all machines are running to their optimum.”

We can see Cullum’s pride and accomplishment with every job he does, which means that his ambition for within the company comes as no surprise.

“In the next few years, I hope to at least be a supervisor on the shop floor. I believe that I have good leadership qualities and my work ethic would be great for the job.

Also, being able to adapt to each person’s needs and seeking out their skills and abilities is useful in this role”.

Nothing seems to hold Callum back. He constantly and consistently gives his all to each and every job. He takes great pride in his work and this is shown through the very high quality moulds he is able to produce. 

We are confident that Callum’s willingness to learn, eagerness to complete every job to a high standard and ambition will take him far in his career at Dudley Associates and in his life in general.