Welcome to the Team

March at Dudley Associates was a busy one. With several new customers, ongoing projects and a new member of staff welcomed into the fold.

Since the promotion of our (previously) injection moulding technician, Brett, to production manager, his role within the company needed to be replaced.

On top of this, with things getting busier, we needed to ensure that we were on top of orders and meeting customer requirements. And so, a new Injection mould setter was bought on.

Dudley Associates Lee

A Brief Introduction

Firstly, we would like to welcome Lee to the team. Having a month to settle in, we caught up with him to see how things were going, get to know him a bit and how he was finding the world of Dudley Associates.

We asked Lee to introduce himself and tell us a bit about his past experience in the industry. “I have been working in the industry for around 8 years now, but previously in a different setting to this”

“My previous company was quite limited in terms of projects that we worked on. Although there was a large range of parts made for the numerous industries, seeing the variety of industries and parts we make here at Dudley’s is an eye-opener.” Lee told us.

“You don’t realise how much we rely on plastic parts and their uses and positives of using plastic in manufacturing.”

Range and Variety

So what is it about injection moulding and Dudley Associates that appeals to Lee the most?

“The different range of materials used here and the variety of customers we manufacture for makes every day different, ”

“I’m learning more every day and developing a more in-depth knowledge around the work that we do.”

We asked Lee why he felt like the move to Dudley’s was the right route to take and how he was finding this;

“I decided to leave my previous role and take on the new one here to expand my knowledge and for better opportunities for my career. The things I’m learning here already have definitely proven my decision to be the right one”.

Into the Future

So what does this mean for Lee and Dudley Associates?

Lee brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the business, adding this to our team will only bring growth as a whole.

Each member of our team brings with them different levels and areas of knowledge – improving our expertise and capabilities.

For Lee, we only see a bright future ahead and hope that we give back to him what he brings to us – experience, knowledge, a heap of motivation and an eagerness to push the business forwards.

For any Sales or Marketing information, please contact Jacob at Jacob.Taylor@dudleyassociates.com