Our Toolrooms:

Up until Dudley Associates Management takeover in 2014, we were based out of one unit.

Our design and prototyping departments, Tooling equipment, plastic injection moulding machines, secondary services, quality department and offices were all based in Unit 3, Elizabethan Way.

Fast forward 7 years and we have expanded across 2 further units, tripling our space.

This means that now, we not only have one unit completely dedicated to moulding, but we have two units for plastic injection tooling.

This expansion has inevitably meant that we have been able to increase the number of machines, increasing our operating capabilities, as well as having room to expand further in the future.

Our Röders dudley-associates-röders, tooling, precision tooling, plastic injection tooling

Within our main toolroom, alongside our extensive tooling machinery, we have our twin automated cell.

Our CNC production cell consists of two different sized Röders CNC machines, RXP500 and RXP801 and fully automated robotic system, which gives our toolroom the edge over other plastic injection moulding and tooling manufacturers.

These machines proved exceptional accuracy at high speeds and have an increased repeatability and performance. Their two control centres process information much more quickly and accurately which gives a superior and tighter finish to plastic injection tooling.


So what is Injection-mould tooling?

An injection-mould tool is effectively the mould into which molten plastic polymer material is injected. The material polymer then cools inside the mould, solidifying, and forming the unique shape as per mandated by the design. After the designated cooling time, the tool is automatically separated into the two halves and the components are ejected and removed.

When we are initially discussing a project with a client, we will establish the key facts around the end final application. This will lead to the most suitable material for both the mould tool and moulded components, and the structure of the tool.

We can help with the design and ensure the plastic components can be made as required.

We can run a mouldflow programme, which will help identify any potential shrinkage and warpage which may need to be taken into account.

We can assist you with a range of tooling options, from Aluminium and steel tooling to testing and sampling and modifications and repair.

Tooling, Precision Tooling, Plastic Injection ToolingMaintaining and Modifying

Our facilities include a second toolroom which is used to maintain, repair and modify tools, new, old and inherited.

Because of our capacious amenities, we are able to offer on-site services that others are not. The fact that we can repair and modify tooling quickly and in-house, puts us above the rest.

Not only this, but companies often choose us when reshoring. And with the focus on reshoring at the moment, we are seeing more and more inherited tools.

When looking for a UK based manufacture for plastic injection moulding, having a tool already is not a problem for us.

We can take on your tool, will ensure this is thoroughly checked over and make any modifications or repairs needed, making full use of our facilities, along with any secondary services that you may require, such as assembly, drilling and tapping, printing and more.

So for all of your tooling requirements, Dudley Associates have you covered. And don’t forget that our on-site mouldshop, with machines ranging from 30 to 300T we can take your project from design to moulding manufacture quickly.

Written By Lucy GloverSales and Marketing Manager 

For any Sales or Marketing information, please contact Lucy at lucy.glover@dudleyasssociates.com