Point Two first approached us back in 2011 when they asked us to make the plastic parts on their range of safety vests.

Specialising in safety in the motorcycle and equestrian air jackets, Point Two’s vests are designed and have been refined, to inflate faster and feel more comfortable for every rider that wears them. 

The plastic injection moulded parts we manufacture for the company play an integral part in the design and safety of the product. 

The vest is worn by riders, when they fall from the vehicle or horse, the tether cord that is attached to the vehicle/horse from the jacket activates and inflates the jacket, cushioning the fall. The parts that we make form the trigger mechanism, which houses a gas canister that is used to inflate the jacket. 

Our job was to work with the company to ensure that the design was perfected, the material was most suitable and the part was made, by plastic injection moulding,  accurately to ensure the safety of the user of the end product consistently. 

Rigorous testing of the parts and the end product have been continuous since we began working with Point Two.