Our partnership with Palintest began almost 20 years ago, back in 2002, working with them to manufacture products, which continues today.

Palintest make water analysis technologies which Palintest safeguard water for everyone, every day. Palintest continues to develop new technologies to improve global water quality; using their vast experience which dates back to the 1800s.  

As their plastic injection moulding partners, we have created many tools to support their moulding needs, and continue to mould parts for their water testing equipment’s enclosures and all of the internal plastic parts that go with them. 

The products are highly precise and used in a critical capacity to protect water supplies, and as such rigorous testing throughout the design, prototyping and manufacturing process is required.  

One of the most technically challenging aspects of the project were the optical components.  

Palintest Photometers work by taking a sample of water and adding an indicator to them, which causes a colour change. The sample is then placed into the photometer, where the machine determines the water chemistry based on the colour change of the sample.  

For this to work effectively, the lenses and clear components that are made for the photometers must be of a very high optical quality to ensure that the machine can read effectively.

Throughout the years we have worked closely with Palintest to develop critical components. 

Often small changes that were not visible to the naked eye, would have a significant impact on the optical performance. To ensure we met the required quality standards, Palintest supplied us with test rigs that would test the optical performance of the parts. On many of the critical parts, 100% optical testing was performed before they were dispatched to the customer.

To help with this Palintest supplied us with some test rigs that we could load the parts into that measured their optical performance.  On some of the critical parts, there was 100% optical testing of the parts before they were packed for dispatch to the customer.

Due to the nature of these instruments testing water, the aesthetic and plastic injection moulding requirements for the project were extremely important. All instruments are required to be waterproof and so the project included many gaskets…

 Dudley is delighted to be continuing to work with Palintest today, supporting both new and existing projects. We look forward to developing this partnership further in the future. 

For more information about Palintest please visit www.palintest.com