Aluminium Toolmaking


Typically we design and manufacture aluminium tooling for representative prototypes, ‘new’ pre-production parts or low volume products.

Aluminium toolmaking is traditional limited to very low volumes (c 5,000 shots), however we are specialists in this field and, whilst the tools remain under our care and handling, we have historically been able to produce 100,000+ parts from aluminium tools in engineering polymers.


Many clients who have ordered our aluminium tools for prototype development have been able to continue into production volume with the same tool.

Our aluminium tooling is used with a very wide range of high end technical engineering polymers including filled and unfilled PBT’s, Acetals, Polycarbonates, Acrylics and Nylons, as well as the more common commercial plastics.

The alloys we use are high-grade and sourced from some of the biggest UK stockholders. We are provided with Certificates of Conformity in order to underwrite a quality tool, built to last. Typical lead-times can be several days to 3 weeks.

For further details on any of these services, please contact our experts.